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Our Mighty Grapes

There is nothing funny about the grapes used in our bottles! The grapes that are harvested, aged & bottled in our wines were established from a beautiful region in Italy over 100 years ago, at the end of the 19th century. Our vines   have been bathing themselves in     the Italian sun for some time now     (No sunscreen needed, all natural)   




Quality & Sustainability

Anchor of  Hope

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   Harvested, aged & bottled in Italy. Shipped to the USA

Anchor of Hope Project

The anchor...is a symbol of hope, light, and the safe arrival.
"Refuse to Sink"




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  "Good wine needs no bush" - Italian proverb


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Quality and Sustainability

Energy - 100% of energy used is from renewable resources NDV certified; a “Zero Waste” program recycling all possible waste and purifying polluted water.    

Environmentally Appropriate - 100% of paper used for our label is FSC certified and is produced from raw material obtained through responsible management of the world’s forest.                                   
Socially Beneficial - Since 2003 the grapes from the Vineyards bottled in our wines host an official program of ethical and rehabilitative agriculture.                                                                                                 
Biological Vineyards - 100% of the grapes used from the Italian vineyards are biologically certified or in transition to Biological Agriculture: Biodynamic production.

Certified Quality of Production Process – The production process is constantly monitored to comply to the higher standards of quality: ISO 9001:2008, IFS, BRC.​